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Luscious, naturally gluten free food…
mostly or entirely plants...
simple ingredients.

Food for everyone

Our food begins with simple, wholesome ingredients and Quesava™ dough, made from the naturally gluten-free, vitamin and mineral-rich, cassava root.

Breads made of cassava root sustained indigenous people in Brazil and Peru for thousands of years – and we are inspired by a time when no one had to worry about food sensitivities and allergies, about chemical additives and hidden ingredients. Our wholesome Quesava dough is the result.

Feed your tribe well, with Quesava’s modern, globally inspired twist on traditional village nourishments – with versatile, delicious ready-to-go, and bake-at-home products.

Join us as we continue to explore and develop delicious, good-for-you foods.

Cassava Root

Our Products

Good for you, good for the planet

We are passionate about playing our part to fix a food system that, we believe, is broken. And that means only making delicious, good-for-you foods from a simple list of ethically sourced, minimally processed ingredients that travel the shortest distance possible.

Our packaging materials are simple too; we choose only recycled and recyclable, compostable and sustainable products.

They want better. They want delicious.

And that’s exactly what we deliver. More and more people want clean food that is transparently sourced, and free of unnecessary, harmful ingredients. They understand how unhealthy food contributes to issues like celiac disease, gluten intolerance and allergies.

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