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Do you like to fuel your body with nutritious and delicious foods? Are you a blogger, dietician, nutritionist, foodie or simply love Quesava products? Do you have an engaged social following or a community of likeminded individuals you regularly share with? If so, we welcome you to join Quesava Brand Ambassador Program!

As a Quesava Brand Ambassador you’ll receive exclusive coupons throughout the year, early-release information, special gifts and sneak peeks at our newest products. In exchange we ask you to share your knowledge, your reviews and how you use Quesava products in meals and recipes. You’ll be asked to share samples with your community, inspire them to try Quesava by regularly posting on Instagram, send us links to your posts so we can share them, tell us where and when you shared Quesava products, and offer feedback on the samples you get.

Apply by filling in this application. Our team will review your application and contact you if we have spots available in your region. The program re-sets regularly, you can re-apply as many times as you like. To cancel just email us and we’ll take you off the list.


See what people are saying about Quesava products.

I love carbs!!! This is an interesting bread that is wheat, gluten and yeast free. Since moving to Toronto, I have missed this bread! Nothing competes with as of yet. For those of you that live in Van or are making a trip this really is a gem.

Geraldine G.


GLUTEN FREE CHEESE BUNS!! This place is AWESOME! I always get the extra cheese. They are delicious on their own, toasted with butter, or as a sandwich. I feel blessed to live only two blocks from this magical place.

Jamie F.


Love this place! I'm not restricted from eating gluten, but I try to reduce my consumption of it for general health reasons, and when I eat here I cannot tell any difference from the "usual." Seriously. A flaky-tender pie crust, to-die-for buttery shortbread, scrumptious cookies - I heart them all!

Danielle B.


Great selection of wheat-free buns and other goodies! Very tasty and consistent - cheese, olive, jalapeno (great flavour!), spinach and onion. Buns are a perfect size are a nice sandwich. Friendly and helpful service 🙂

Jr J J.


I love these cheese buns. Gluten-free, yet I still have to fight my gluten-eating boyfriend for the last one. Love the variety in flavours -- I've had the extra cheese, jalapeno, garlic, and olive buns, and there's still so many to try! Get them fresh out of the oven, but buy some frozen ones as well to take home so you're stocked up when you get the cheese bun craving.

Emma L.


Yay! Yay! Yay! Bunwich after a stroll in the shoppes on Main + stocking up on gluten free buns * a gluten free pecan square = Heaven on Main! I cannot stress this enough - go to Quejos!

Jenni B


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