Bakery/Cafe Assistant Manager

Posted 7 months ago

QAF Bakery/Cafe Assistant Manager FOH and Fast Casual Restaurant Development

Job Description and Duties:

This position reports to the President and CEO, Ken Schneider. The job is divided into two complementary and consecutive aspects;

  • Firstly, to professionalize current operations and management.
  • Secondly to plan and document for multiple locations in the fast-casual restaurant space.

Total combined compensation (salary, vacation, benefits) is $42,480.00/annum. This is a full time management position with work-from-home privileges.

The Assistant Manager aspects of this position are initially predominant. Within 18 – 24 months it is anticipated that the Fast Casual Restaurant Development aspects of this position will dominate, the candidate will then assign Asst. Manager duties at the current location to a trained and qualified staff member and become a new location planter. At that point the position will be redefined.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. FOH Management


Facilitate the transition of Frances Wong’s FOH management duties
Communications, business organization and information management
Customer service, customer service protocols and staff training
Implementation, management and staff training of POS systems
Monthly cycle reporting and administration
Restaurant licensing, health inspections and compliances
Participation in marketing planning, execution and management
Catering and Commercial sales promotion and facilitation

Jointly held responsibilities with Manager;

  • Staff scheduling
  • Daily cash management and security
  • Menu development and merchandising
  • Supplier/supply management
  • HR management, team development
  • Cost management/documentation/control
  • Quality control

BOH food preparation duties on emergency/overload basis only

  1. FC Restaurant Development
  • Comprehensive planning, process development and documentation for new location planting requirements covering off the following broad categories;
  • Menu/product/ingredients development, improvements and sourcing
  • HR protocols, training, requirements and documentation
  • Performance evaluation standards and documentation
  • Supplier/contractor needs identification and documentation
  • Food service standards and protocols
  • Food service equipment requirements
  • Packaging and delivery requirements
  • Administrative and technical requirements

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